Paris Gare Du Nord 
Paris here I come!

This is my 1st time travel Paris. Travel on my own. Get there by Eurostar(one of the fastest underground train) from St Pancras London to Paris Gare Du Nord. £69/way.   Online ticket bought 2 months before the date. I catched the 1st train and 2 hours trip make me reached Paris at 9 am. The story of Eurostar. Check this!

in front the hotel @ St Maurice 

Superb view during travelling with Eurostar – I experienced viewing the scenery of cloud just few metres from the ground. SubhanAllah. I planned to stay here for 3 days 2 nights at Etap hotel near St Maurice.

this is my transport to reach the nearest RER station

It is worst nightmare when I arrived here and start communicating with the locals. Nearly wanna cry. Nobody understand me…cause I spoke Bahasa Melayu with slang Perak (one of the state in Malaysia) and they replied with France. I’ve been advised to avoid speaking in English coz the locals here might not interested to entertain us.
1st time using the RER transportation is definitely headache. However, bet me, I’m pro now.
Back to my journey…. I finally decided to find my way by asking the girl at the ticket counter…intro with France, then continued with British English. Phew! Lucky me they help a lot. However, too much time wasted just bcoz of failure locating the hotel. It is a bit far from the city but still in the zone 3. €39/night.

Picture taken by Arabians lady

After checked in, I have to catch my Eiffle Tower visit at 2.30pm.   Get the ticket earlier by online. €8/ person. Using the RER, the nearest station to Eiffle Tower is the Trocadero station. Went up the Eiffle Tower up to Level 2 and I can view the whole Paris city from there. Awesome! Nice place to visit.

view from 2nd level Eiffle Tower

view from 2nd level Eiffle Tower

wanna view with river cruise…. 

Then, went to Galleries Lafayyette the famous branded stores. Managed to get 3 Longchamp bags. Prices is cheap by 70% compared to KLCC after claiming VAT.

Next day. Visit Notre Dame. No problem for Halal food in Paris. Many halal kebab stalls here. There are also many Pakistanese here. Delicious kebab! Different taste and uniquely done.

this is why I told you, do not need tourist guide
the Pyramid is small….!

From Notre Dame, you can walk to Louvre Museum, Arch de Trompe, Champ Elseyss, Cleopatra Needle, and many more tourist attraction places.  Don’t think you need tourist guide with you. It just a straight long road….

long que LV boutique

 without tourist guide, you can save lots your €…..for shopping of course. If you wanna get LV collection, you need to que. Long que and limit to 1 item per visit. Don’t think you can enter this luxury boutique if you bring your fake LV….


Anything for you?
One of the famous frangrance boutique
Chinese make money with their art and skills
This is what they sell……
Paris Police
Arch de Trompe 
 Perfumes? I think better you get it from Heathrow Terminal. It’s cheaper.

souvenir for your loves…

You can bargain if you want to get some souvenirs if you walk along arab street.  (can’t remember the street name) just nearby Eiffle Tower. Provided you seriously wanted to buy those items. So, must prepare yourself with the bargain techniques.

Paris Mosque @ Gare de Austerlitz
Paris mosque
me in the Paris Moque
Paris Mosque

inside the Paris mosque

Wanna visit Mosque of Paris? Take RER C and stop at Gare de Austerlitz.  The mosque located 1km from the station.     You can find many halal food stalls here.

Halal Kebab Stall menu @ Gare de Austerlitz

Wanna know how much U should budget for your meals? Check this!

Sooo helpful

This is my travelling tools…I mean part of it.
Wanna shop more? Check this out! Similar to London Bicester Village, Paris do offered branded shopping village at La Vallee Village. However, time constraint and I miss that.

London – Bicester Village
Paris – La Vallee Village

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